Sunday, 22 June 2014

World Cup lookalike

Surely I can't be the only person to have noticed the uncanny resemblance between Bayern Munich and Germany midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger and Hauptmann Ullmann off Colditz:-

Schweinsteiger                                Ullmann

It's not so much a question of wondering whether by any chance they're related as uncovering just how closely they're related.


Info said...

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I will be going to Edinburgh for the first time this August. Would love to chat with you. Sincerely, Terry Costa

Jon Frimann said...


I just found your blog by chance. Since I was reading up on the Portugal tax system before I move to Flores Islands in about 10 years time (I like to prepare).

I've would like to hear how things are in Flores Island. If shopping is still as you describe in a old blog post.

I am a writer (working my way up with time). I write science fiction stories and other things.

I also have interest in volcanoes and that being one reason why I want to move to Flores Island. This also means that I write about Icelandic volcanoes, you can read about it at "Iceland geology" website.

I got many questions that I have not yet got proper answer to. Anything from post delivery to the housing market on the Flores Island. This information is absent or in low volume on the internet.

I won't move to Flores Island until my income is at least 3000€ a month.

Best regards.

Kathie said...

Gee, anything new lately with my favorite Scots? LOL!

(At least any remaining Azorean separatists have probably now had their bubble permanently burst.)