Tuesday 13 March 2007


While we're on the subject of the weather, here's the Balneiaro (I think that's right -the swimming area as there's no beach) at Faja in the summer:-

And this is the same view about three weeks ago (in February)

One Tourist Doesn't Make a Summer!

But three might make a spring!

I mentioned before 2007's first tourist in Faja - well another two were spotted today! And the cagarros (see below) are most definitely here in some force now so we can certainly declare that spring - if not necessarily summer - has arrived in Flores.

"What's the weather like in the Acores, just now?" I hear you all asking. This is the most frequently asked of all FAQ's. Well, we're British (Scottish to be precise), and what I say in response to this VFAQ is "The weather in the Acores is quite like the weather in Scotland but about 5-10 degrees warmer over the year." Thus, today is March 13th but we had our lunch outside. But that's because it wasn't raining - which it does here quite a lot. But rain is good for the waterfalls which is a good excuse for a photo.

This is the biggest of the many waterfalls around Faja after heavy rain:-

Sunday 4 March 2007

The first Cagarro of spring

We call them Cory's Shearwaters but Azoreans call them Cagarros - handsome big chocolate brown seabirds of the albatross family, much bigger than the Manx Shearwater we are used to in British waters.

The Cagarro spends most of its life at sea but comes ashore to breed in summer. I believe about 60% of the world population of cagarros breed on the Azores. And when they are here breeding on the cliffs of Flores, they don't half make a distinctive noise. "Wack-wack-wack-wack-WAAAAAAAAAACK" at night, as they wheel in flight above the village at night. Summer holidaymakers in Faja Grande are warned "If you hear a funny noise, it's the cagarros."

All of which is a long winded introduction to say I heard my first cagarro of 2007 last night.

I found myself explaining this about the cagarros to the first tourist on Flores of 2007. Is it global warming bringing the first tourist and first cagarro in February?