Sunday, 13 April 2014

TV Moments

It's more than 20 years ago now but who can forget British television's first lesbian kiss? The heart-achingly gorgeous Anna Friel and a sort of OK-ish other chick nobody can remember the name of now. Here it is:-

Looks a bit tame nowadays, doesn't it?

Anyway, another UK soap, Eastenders, recently achieved another TV taboo first - Britain's first screen fart:-

Isn't that gross? You can almost smell it, can't you?

What would you rather watch? The delectable Anna getting busy with another babe (albeit in a sort chaste early 90s sort of way) or horrible Nancy Carter dropping a whiffer upstairs in the Vic in the arms of her father for Chrissakes?

You're probably wondering why I'm raising this. It's that fibre optic cable and the fact that, since it was installed last October, we can watch YouTube vids if we want to. Everything, from Anna's lezza snog to Nancy's trump, is there if you want it. All thanks to that big ship that appeared off the coast last year towing a cable behind it:-