Tuesday, 13 March 2007

One Tourist Doesn't Make a Summer!

But three might make a spring!

I mentioned before 2007's first tourist in Faja - well another two were spotted today! And the cagarros (see below) are most definitely here in some force now so we can certainly declare that spring - if not necessarily summer - has arrived in Flores.

"What's the weather like in the Acores, just now?" I hear you all asking. This is the most frequently asked of all FAQ's. Well, we're British (Scottish to be precise), and what I say in response to this VFAQ is "The weather in the Acores is quite like the weather in Scotland but about 5-10 degrees warmer over the year." Thus, today is March 13th but we had our lunch outside. But that's because it wasn't raining - which it does here quite a lot. But rain is good for the waterfalls which is a good excuse for a photo.

This is the biggest of the many waterfalls around Faja after heavy rain:-

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Diamond said...

Nice picture. You have good photos. Great work