Sunday, 15 April 2007

Weather (last time)

I believe this is how it works that here in Faja it can be chucking it down, yet over in Santa Cruz on the other side of the island (only 12 kilometres away) it's bright and sunny. It also explains how it can be chucking it down here in Faja, yet it appears bright and clear out to sea. And how, if you drive over to S Cruz, you have to put your fog lights on once you're up in the Zona Nevoeiro (I may have spelt that wrongly). Cloudy zone - to drive from Faja Grande to S Cruz, you have to ascend to 600m/2000ft.

It is actually quite something to drive over the top of the island - creeping along with your fog lights one minute and out into bright sunshine the next!

This is a west wind scenario. The moist Atlantic wind rises over the west (left) cliffs of Flores and dumps rain and cloud over the west coast but this "bad news" has fizzled away by the time you get over to the east (right) coast at S. Cruz. In an east wind, the position reverses and in changeable weather, you see how you can get four seasons in one day!