Monday, 23 August 2010

FG on the TV

Oh dear, an awful long time since I wrote anything on here, in fact since the power cut in the middle of the World Cup Final.

Well my psychic vibes tell me the next power cut (for there hasn't been one since) will be at 20.45 on Monday 23 August because that's when there's a 25 minute programme about Faja Grande on RTP Açores (so don't get too excited as anyone who doesn't live in the Azores won't get to see it.)

Anyway, as part of the celebrations for RTP Açores (which is to the Azores what BBC Scotland is to Scotland) being 35 years old, they're doing a series about the 35 villages in the Azores with fewer than 500 inhabitants.

I wonder which 40 villages they'll celebrate for the 40th anniversary? Or the 45 for the 45th? You probably have to be less than 10 years old and have a gift for geometric progressions verging on the autistic to work that out. Indeed you probably haven't born yet and RTP Açores' plans are on hold pro tem.

But I digress. The TV cameras were here on Wednesday. José Teodosio and his team from the junta laid on a nice display in the village square and the tuna played. Tuna is Portuguese for a string band (which doesn't translate at all well into English)

There was only one slight unpleasantness to mar the general bonhomie - a group of film-makers were innocently going about their business when a traditional basket weaver invaded their space with a traditional basket in the making in a quite unnecessarily intrusive fashion ...

Quite deplorable sort of behaviour and a symptom of the times we live in I'm afraid to say. It didn't spoil the kids' fun though ...

RTP Açores, Monday, 8.45pm, - you'll know when it's on because the lights will go off.


Epicyclic said...

Hmmmmm......never assume someone won't be industrious enough to view RTP out of country. Someone who loves Flores and the Azores as much as I do will find a way to view these TV shows. an alternative I'll make pilgrimage #3 back to Flores before the rains really set in in October. Saudades even though I wasn't born there.

Thanks for the heads up.

Kathie said...

Hi there, Bob & Carol & Neil &... (whoops, this is starting to sound like an old movie title!)

It's good to see another post here from the homeland again, finally! Is it possible to record the FG program off the TV? Or will it be posted online? If so, would you post the link once you know it? (RTP posts some video online, e.g., some of the best Carnaval danças and bailinhos from Terceira)

Bob, while I can't vouch for Flores, when we were on São Miguel and São Jorge late last Oct., and in Terceira and then back to São Miguel briefly in early Nov., the weather reminded me a lot of the San Francisco Bay Area that time of year -- and in a good way! We encountered only one really rainy day, and slightly cooler temperatures than in summer in the Azores (never needed more than a lightweight jacket in the evening, though).

Bob, my only suggestion would be to visit Flores first, in case there are delays in your itinerary. Also, schedule a little time on São Miguel at the end of your trip -- or use it for wiggle-room in case travel delays eat up those extra few days you've planned there. I speak from experience, having visited Flores last my first time in the Azores...

Saudades dos Açores, na verdade (sigh).

Suze said...

Well? Was there a power surge or did the lecky hold up?

Marisa said...

You're talking about Guilherme? well I loved to hear him speaking with that accent so traditional from Fajã, I guess nobody noticed that he wasn't supposed to be there.