Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Spelling Shane Ritchie

It's been drawn to my attention that Shane actually spells his surname Richie. Without a "t". So does Lionel.

But that's just plain silly because, in both Shane and Lionel's cases, it's pronounced "Ritchie" like the word "rich" with "ie" on the end. Whereas if you leave out the "t" it becomes "Richie" with the "ch" pronounced like the Scottish word "loch" (as in Loch Ness). And Lionel/Shane Ri-ch[Loch]y sounds daft.

People who can't spell their own names really annoy me. Particularly people with too many letters in their name. Conspicuous offenders are Myleene Klass (which looks like it ought to be pronounced Myl-EEEEEEEEEEE-ne) and Jamie Foxx (Focks-sicks).

And what is this art dealer in Dundas Street, Edinburgh all about?


Sarah said...

How I laughed! BB sits and rants at the same kind of thing. Why you no Skype me???

David said...

Perhaps both Shane and Lionel were trying to avoid the nickname "Mabawsa" that hangs like an albatross around the neck of any bloke called Ritchie.