Friday, 23 September 2011

Distinguished visitor #2

This was as close as I got, unfortunately - the Presidential Merc swishing past our front door just before seven this evening:-

About ten minutes earlier, I'd been summoned by the "Whoop" of a police siren (American style - not a British "Nee-Naw") to be told by a Fed that I'd need to get my car off the street. This was presumably in order that the Presidential motorcade could indeed swish down the narrow streets of Fajã Grande rather than have to carefully negotiate the usual obstacles lesser mortals have to contend with on a daily basis. (As today was dia do lixo, we were having a titter earlier about the prospect of the limo crawling down the road after the Lajes falling apart bin wagon (garbage truck) and its attendant pong.)

I was down at the Balneareio earlier in the day. José Diamantino had shaved but was chain smoking with a nervous demeanour and admitted "tudo pronto - mais ou menos" (everything ready - more or less). It appeared the jantar was taking place in a marquee on the lawn (which, with the box hedges, was noticeably recently cut).

Looked like everybody was going to be seated on forms, though - no sign of any spaces for thrones. Nice weather for it as well.  


Marisa said...

oooohhhh no thrones? Pity, ehehhe. And the menu?

Kathie said...

Was the Portuguese President's official car flown in just for the visit, the way the US President's and its decoys are, or like the Pope-mobile? Is it a specially tricked-out protective model with 5" thick walls, bullet-proof glass, etc., etc.?

Or did Cavaco Silva simply ride in the nicest taxi on the island?

Kathie said...

Still waiting for another Flores post from you two...

Meanwhile, I came across the following blog post online that credits YOUR photos as inspiration for the artists photographic sojourn to Flores:

"Where Hydrangeas Are Wildflowers / An Art project in Fayetteville, AR by Dana Idlet":

The artist specifies this photo of Fajã Grande on YOUR Flickr album as inspiration:

So, did you meet Idlet at the time? An exhibit of some of the resulting Flores photos opens this Thu., Nov. 3 at the Fayetteville [Arkansas] Underground: