Wednesday 4 April 2007

Malaquias Branco

When we first arrived on Flores (May 2006), we sort of tried to "test ourselves to destruction" on how cheap wine we could drink. Starting from the bottom up, we were pleasantly surprised to find that our second experiment - Malaquias Branco - was perfectly drinkable at 0.9EU a litre.

Yes, that's right - 0.9 Euros (approx £(GBP) 0.60) a LITRE!

Now, we've been told that the locals only use it to hose down the animal fodder: apparently we get smirked at in the shop as "the crazy English" for buying it to drink. But it's really perfectly OK.

But then one day, there was no more Malaquias Branco. It was like a scene out of Whisky Galore - " Maybe some will come with the next ship " said Linda at the shop (without conviction). "Jose Antonio is going over to the wholesaler in Santa Cruz, tomorrow - maybe they will have some left ..." (even less conviction).

A Malaquias Branco drought! This is a very serious matter because the next wine up the ladder in cheapness is 4EU a litre - a 450% increase and this could wreck our precarious finances!

But today the drought ended! - MB in abundance in the shops in Santa Cruz. HURRAH!!


Epicyclic said...

At .9EU/Liter have you found any other uses for this liquid?

Anonymous said...

Ok Neil and Carol, we use Malaquias just to cook. The first time I saw you guys drinking Malaquias I was like..."Oh my god, they are really drinking this?" but soon I understood that we (Portuguese People) are poor but still with rich thoughts :) The truth is that I don't like Malaquias, I don't like the taste and I don't like the smell.
But I admire you for your courage :)
Kisses for your two
Congratulations for your blog.

Epicyclic said...

Hi Liliana,

Lynn and I loved your translation
"but still with rich hearts":).

The beauty of the islands and the people compliment each other perfectly.

Next time we visit we will
"sample" Malaquias just out of curiosity.

It's nice to know Malaquias can also be used in the kitchen.

Bob and Lynn