Wednesday 18 April 2007

Spot the Difference!

Compare with the image below.

OK - I'll put you out your misery to tell you that the lady pushing the shopping trolley has changed!


New delivery of new plastic pags for Jose Antonio and Linda. We had a laugh tonight (anyone with weak sides better go and get their corset on now) that the lady depicted is Linda and that she'd been dragged from the 60's (when she was about 6) to the 70's (when she was - whatever!).

The long winter evenings here just FLY by!


Epicyclic said...

Neil & Carol,

Also tah-rah(tah dah, U.S Eng.)the trolley(shopping cart U.S. Eng.)
appears to have less goods in it.

This must be due to inflation.???

Funny that a new bag design appears after your recent post. Keep all of them, they're bound to be collector's items someday. (Hopefully).


Bob & Lynn

Anonymous said...

Bob & Lynn are right. You could sell them for a tidy profit on eBay someday (LOL!).

Anonymous said...

Neil & Carol, I sure hope you guys are OK, since you haven't posted anything for a while. Bob & Lynn & I always look forward to your latest installments re the ex-pat life on one of our favorite islands!

Big news: I recently finished collaborating on the English translations for "ILHA," a bilingual book of poems/pictures about Flores by poet Gabriela Silva (of Fazenda das Lajes), photographer Kristie McLean, and translator Sandy Ventura. I'm sure Gabriela will have information about the book on her own blog ("Luana") as soon as it's published.

Epicyclic said...

Neil and Carol,

Ditto Kathis comment "hope you both are ok". You can't be on live on Flores! Green with envy. LOL.

Bob & Lynn

Anonymous said...

I found your blog today, I live in Flores and I've noticed that you care about plastic bags, not only by the daws in them but by the problem they are.
I hope that some day we could see people whit reusable bags... and walking instead of using the car to everithing, and recycling (here on this island)!

Anonymous said...

hello! I am so jealous...i was born in Santa Cruz,Flores and lived in Caveira until i was 3. My parents brought us to the USA in 1980. When i was younger we would often visit every other year for a month or so. I have not been back to the island since 1997 but plan on returning soon. I can't even begin to tell you how much i miss it.