Sunday 6 September 2009

Palm Tree Update

It would seem that someone has not given up hope on Percy the Palmeira in that a plank has been inserted in an attempt to wedge him into a more upright position:-

I expect it must be rather uncomfortable having a plank inserted in you like this - it must be a bit like having to wear braces on your teeth. But look what it did for Keira the Kiddies' Slide in the background who has matured to adopt her buttress as a permanent feature. Or maybe it's not tough love at all but rather that the junta da freguesia (parish council) is attempting to supplement kiddie-sliding capacity on the cheap.

Apropos of nothing, there are some bashed up cars around on Flores but what do you suppose happened to this one snapped down at the Balneareio the other day?

It appears to have been hit in the port rear quarter by a vertical cylindrical object - an abused palm tree perhaps?


Kathie said...

Upon inspection of the enlargement of the first photo, it appears that Percy Palm is sprouting some new green foliage -- woo-hoo! I'm awaiting a cable 'round his girth that's staked to the ground on his other side, to be tightened gradually as he's drawn up to vertical (not unlike orthodontia, as per your comparison).

Re second photo: Was the car backed into by one of those trucks about which you've written in the past?

Unknown said...

I think he may have been drunk misjudged the curve on the road and broadsided a tree. lol