Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Road Signs (Again)

As mentioned in a previous post, I'm fascinated by road signs and I spotted a tremendous one while surfing the net the other day:-

Picture courtesy of arjayempee

How good is that? Iraq and Damascus on the same sign! Is it significant that they're both in the same direction, straight on?

And you know how the Americans are always banging on about the "road map" for Middle East peace? Do you think this junction is on it and, if so, do you go straight on for Iraq and Damascus or go right for Tartus and Homs?

Meanwhile, back here on Flores, they re-did all the road signs recently which was a bit of a shame because the old concrete ones:-

disappeared but the consolation was to see what the new, 21st century ones - particularly those giving directions at junctions - would look like. As it turned out, they were a bit of a disappointment - poorly laid out and Faj√£ Grande is always rendered as "F. Grande" and on an annoying brown or orange (no consistency - tsk!) panel alongside a symbol of someone diving off a diving board in recognition of FG's status as an attraction as one of the two premier swimming areas on the island:-

With it's associated bar, restaurant and barbecue areas, the balneareio (bathing area) at FG gets busy on Sunday afternoons (busier than above pic suggests) but note that all these people are locals, not tourists, so they don't need inconsistently coloured signs to guide them to "F. Grande" diving centre (the diving board gets washed away in winter storms and is not always replaced come following summer anyway).

This is the only one of the new road signs I've bothered to take a picture of so far. It's at Lajes.


Sarah said...

Do you think we will still be able to swim in the sea when I arrive on 30 Sep?

Neil King said...

it's possible

Rob B said...

I love your blog! And the picture of the road sign at the top is cool

Road signs are a bit of an issue all across the islands. In some spots they are non existent or so small you won't see them. But that's part of the charm and I fear the day that the islands are well marked!

All the best