Tuesday, 24 August 2010

FG on the TV #2

Well we weren't betrayed by EDA this time but by RTP Açores themselves because one page on their website said it was on at 20.45 while another said it was 20.40. I therefore took the precaution of turning on at 20.37 and the programme was already on - Gah!

I think it may be possible to watch it online at some point in the near future via this link which seems to carry the first 19 of the 35 villages in the Azores with less than 500 people. Hopefully, they'll update that soon to carry the remaining 16 including all those on Flores (and Corvo).

It's Fajãzinha tonight. The RTP-A website is being pretty consistent across all pages in saying it's 20.45 but after last night's performance, I shall be taking the precaution of setting the vid to run from 20.25. And if the power doesn't go off at 20.26, then there will probably be another cloudburst which will make the satellite dish go all wonky - there was one of these earlier: they frequently happen in the middle of Holby City which is the BBC's answer to Dr Kildare. Carol watches it, I don't.

Anyway, for those who won't be seeing Fajãzinha on the tellybox later (myself included possibly), here's a library picture of it as they say:-


Kathie said...

Since I trace my paternal ancestry to Fajãzinha as well as Fajã Grande, I look forward to your report on tonight's installment (infrastructure willing, of course). Que estivesse por lá (wish I were there)...

Marisa said...

Hi guys, hi Kathie, I saw the show and loved it, almost everybody was there, except for you two. As for the hour, you must remember that the News, wich come first, don´t always take the same time, it depends on the amount of "noveltys", right? Yesterday was about Fajãzinha with a bunch of people I know too.

Kim said...

Hello Carol & Neil,
I found your blog a few months ago. My family and I are considering a move to Flores next year in search oa simpler way of life for us and our 2 children. I would love to 'talk' to you if you don't mind. My email address is kcookdesigns@hotmail.com
I hope your weather improves soon. It has been gray and rainy here too, Florida USA though we need the rain right now.