Monday 11 May 2009

Now we are 5

The great "what street number are we going to be" mystery was solved the other day:-

Those who've been paying attention will recall that we were anticipating being in the high twenties Rua da Assomada so what gives with the 5, I hear you ask? Quite simple: they started numbering from the top down - contrary to the "from the centre outwards" numbering convention we're used to in Britain. If it's any consolation (and let me assure you it is to me), RdA ends downtown at No. 27 so, as we're last but one from the top of the road, I was right all along. As I usually am. Most of the time.

In my next post, I'm going to tell you all about how the house directly opposite us at No. 5 came to be numbered No. 28. Pending that, and to keep your attention, could I point out our nice new pavement visible in the photo above. May not look much to you townies but let me tell you that, until about a week ago, that was a sort yawning chasm of a Health & Safety nightmare since they dug up the previous concrete pavement some months ago that would have British council officials running for cover and American lawyers licking their lips. Out here, they say Pode ser no proximo barco - "maybe on the next ship". It's Azorean for manana - I'll explain that in another post as well as I'm on the verge of digressing again ...

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