Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Abel Tasman

There are certain events which are milestones each year, for example, the first cagarro of the year (February) and the first tourist (early April). Well yesterday was the first yacht of 2009

A big Dutch schooner (due to foremast being shorter than aft mast - other way round and it would be a ketch or a yawl depending on the relative position of the rudder post) of about 55-60 feet (17-18m) called Abel Tasman, the Dutch explorer of the South Seas after whom Tasmania is named. And, indeed, the Tasman Sea although I'd need to get an atlas out to remind myself exactly where that is - is it the bit between New Zealand and Australia? Might want to go 50/50 on that and if the computer didn't take away the bit between Oz and whatever it is that's north of Oz - New Guinea? - I'd be phoning a friend (you know who you are). But I digress because having a Dutch yacht called Abel Tasman is a bit like having a British yacht called the Captain Cook. And that in turn is bit like having a car registered your initials 1.

Being a something of a nautical cove myself, I can tell you Faj√£ Grande is not a safe anchorage and only ever tenable in the calmest of weather as we've been having for the last few days. The slighest hint of a blow and you have to clear well out to sea. After all, these jaggy rocks in the foreground could make a right mess of your topsides ...

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