Friday 1 May 2009

World Tour

A batch of printer ink which has seen the sights of Puerto Rico and Brazil on its 6 week odyssey to the Azores from Manchester.

This is not the first time this has happened. Because I initially believed the name of the street we were going to be living on was Canada Assomada (as opposed to its actual name Rua da Assomada), that was the forwarding address I gave my pension company. Do to the fact that AXA's computer slightly cocked up that already cocked up address, and compounded by the precise size of windows in the envelopes employed by AXA, what the postie sees is "Neil King, Canada Assomada, Faja Grande, Ilha das Flores, Canada". So my annual pension statements do the rounds of a country located to the north of the USA before someone (probably in Thunder Bay, Yukon Territory or similar) tears a nick in the envelope below the window to reveal the magic word "Portugal".

Incidentally, I don't know why AXA bother sending me these reams of paper round the world when they could equally well send me a text saying "You're going to get stuff all."

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