Saturday 13 June 2009

Church update

We happened to be in town yesterday so I can update you on what seems like quite quick progress on the church:-

Note that the gable has now been replastered and painted. Also the roof has been taken off the annex to the right and, if you look closely, the chap with the jeans and white shirt and the tab in his left hand is Soo-Lucino. Below is a close up (tab now in right hand):-

On the left is the chap from Cape Verde who, with his daughter, stole the show at the Noite dos Sabores Internacionais. I've since found out he's known to everyone as Tio although there's some doubt as to whether that's his real name as tio is just Portuguese for "uncle" (although I believe it has a wider connotation - on this island, anyway - of an older person held in high esteem).

Anyway, there's Soo-Lucino up on the roof doing what he does best - smoking. And, looking at the picture again, I feel a caption competition coming on and I'm going to start with "Which one of you plonkers accepted this contract without ascertaining whether or not the church could pay for it - what is a colcha em lã anyway?"

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