Monday 22 June 2009


The first riddle I was ever taught - in 1968, when I was 5 - was in a Dr Seuss book borrowed from Morningside library in Edinburgh. It remains from that day to this the best riddle I've ever heard and goes like this:-

Q. - What's big and red and eats rocks?

A. - A big red rock eater.

Well there's a big red rock eater living on Flores because I drove past its lunch today:-

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Kathie said...

Oops, I read "big red rock eater" a little too quickly, so leapt to the (erroneous, as it turned out) conclusion that you were referring to something that eats red rocks -- which then, through stream-of-consciousness, led me to recall that raw little quarry I saw in 2002 up between the lakes and the west side of the island where some red mineral product or other is being strip-mined. Is it still there?

Oh well, as Emily Litella would have said, Never mind.