Friday 5 June 2009


That's me and Carol but this pic calls for an explanation which is very distinctively Flores.

We were down at the village shop-cum-bar for our usual beer and glass of wine at the back of five yesterday but it was the fortnightly Thursday when the ship has come in and Big Joe, the landlord, had been over to the harbour at Lajes to pick up the fresh fruit and veg. They were carting the boxes into the shop and they included rare treats like strawberries and cherries. So BJ's wife, Linda (who was grew up in California, daughter of Azorean emigrants) comes through with these forbidden fruits and insists we do a mutual strawberry eat. I got her to take a pic but I forgot to set it to flash so it came out all blurry. We also slittered strawberry juice all over each other.

Awww ...

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